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P38 & p51 Can Opener Videos

P38 Can Opener Videos: Are you trying to find information on how to use p38 can opener but can't find a good tutorial? Well, P-38canopener.com has many videos that can teach you the proper techniques on how to properly use a P38 Can Opener.

Using a P38 can opener is pretty easy, it was made to be easy to use and survive combat. The P-38 can opener has exceeded it’s original purpose of opening cans and can perform many other duties in a pinch, such as:

  • An emergency screw driver
  • An emergency pry bar
  • An emergency paint can opener
  • An emergency shipping box opener
  • An emergency letter opener
  • An emergency ferro rod / flint striker
And many other p38 can opener uses! The P38 can opener was developed during World War II and has been indispensable ever since. It is considered by many to be one of the most simple & perfect inventions ever designed.

P38 & P51 Military Can Opener Videos

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This instructional video will show you how to use P38 can opener. The P38 can opener is very easy to [...]

How To Use P38 Can Opener Videos

The versitile p38 can opener has an amazing history. Anyone who is familiar with the military knows that they do not do anything fast.
In 1942 the P-38 can opener was conceived, designed, prototyped and went into production in less than 30 days.
For our Government to do anything in less than 30 days is a phenomenal accomplishment.

The P38 can opener was designed to do one thing; open cans. As such it is an amazingly effective tool.
It can open any size of classic tin can and works forever. No batteries or electrical outlets are required.
It is a compact fully portable can opener. Cost is minimal, and is very easy to operate.

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