How to Use P38 Can Opener Video

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This instructional video will show you how to use P38 can opener.
The P38 can opener is very easy to use and you will easily grasp it’s operation by watching this video.

How to use P38 can opener

How to Use P38 Can Opener Video

How to Use P38 Can Opener Video: Set your can upright on a flat surface. A flat rock, table or firm ground will work best.

Do not open a can in your lap, as you will be more likely to cut yourself or spill the can’s contents.

Unfold the p38 can opener, there is a notch on the handle under the blade portion.

Slip this notch under the lip on the outside of the top of the can, and the blade on the inside of the lid of the can.

Hold the can firmly with your left hand then twist the can opener forward away from you with your right hand.

Repeat the twisting motion until the can lid is fully cut around the edge.

The most useful p-38 can opener can be easily packed and taken to any remote place or camp. Designed in 1942 for the US Military, the P38 can opener (aka “The John Wayne”) was issued as part of a soldiers daily combat food ration (the K-ration). It has since become a boy scout camp and survivalist classic.


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